Encore Resales is in a league of its own for several reasons. Their goal is to help every person that enters their store find something they love at an amazing price. Their vast selection of merchandise helps make that goal a reality. Encore Resales’ 27,000 square foot showroom features consignment furniture, antiques, new furniture, home decor and gifts. In what other showroom will you find a circa 1880’s Empire Chest sitting next to a new king size bed, each priced at less than half their retail value? Sixty-five vendors seek out decorating treasures for Encore, but also build one-of-a-kind custom pieces. They scout out the best deals on new furniture closeouts and overstocks as well. Buying at a good price means selling at a great price.

Great merchandise, coupled with a radical business strategy, has enabled Encore Resales to build a thriving business that has doubled in size since their opening—despite this struggling economy. This year, they expanded their building on Pelham Parkway by 12,000 square feet, becoming one of the largest stores of its kind in town. Even with the larger facility, Encore is able to pass on unbelievable savings to their customers by keeping overhead low. Want to know how they can we do that? Simply, they work for free.

Encore Resales was made possible by a collaboration of family and friends. The owner, Marina Carey, had been contemplating opening a consignment store for many years, but the timing was never right. Marina was a full time real estate agent and when the economy was strong, she was busy and buildings were hard to find. As the economy slowed, the opportunity to get a building arose, and with family support, Encore Resales was born. Now, three generations of family work at Encore Resales. Marina’s sister, Carla, is the store manager and their recently retired father, Steve, works on the floor. The newest addition is Braxton, Marina’s 8-month-old son, who already knows where he will be 7 days a week. Dedication to each other and to the store has made this dream a success.

A no-pressure shopping environment is a highlight of Encore Resales. Pushy sales people are not needed because the prices do the majority of the sales job. The experienced sales staff gets to focus instead on helping customers find the pieces that work with their decor and budget.

The ever-changing showroom is tirelessly rearranged by two outstanding women with a flair for design: Renae and Jill. On many days, they spend hours staging a truck- load of furniture and decor. Customers love having these savvy decorators available to help them find that perfect piece pulls together their vision.

Quick turn over on inventory means that the Encore Resales showroom is complete- ly different every 30-60 days. In fact, many items are sold while being unloaded off the truck. Their customers frequently say “I should have bought it when I saw it.” Imagine what treasures you could find at Encore Resales.